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Sandra's Macarons


Sandra’s Macarons is a company owned by Sandra, who moved to Canada in 2012 from Slovenia and saw need for traditional baked goodies in Edmonton. In addition to focusing on baking and selling gluten free macarons, Sandra’s Macarons also offers regular baking and cooking classes.

‘’Ever since I was a little girl, I remember helping my parents and grandma in the kitchen. My parents own a few successful retail and culinary businesses in Europe and this is how I learned from the young age how to thrive in a busy kitchens. Since I was three years old I would help serve customers. Later, as I grew older, I would wash dishes, mop the floors, cut vegetables and fruits, bake macarons and cook meals. When I was eight years old, I would cook five course meals for my family and by the time I was eleven I  became my dad’s right hand in his business. My dad is an excellent chef and my grandma was the best baker. I received incredible skills and knowledge from two of the best teachers ever. When my grandma passed away, I got to keep her recipe book. This book is over 200 years old and helps me ensure to carry on my European traditions and recipes, and incorporating them into my baking and cooking as well as in all the classes I teach.’’

Sandra’s Macarons sells her baked goodies at the St. Albert Farmers Market and Southwest Edmonton Farmers Market between May and October every year. Rest of the year you can place custom orders as well as join Sandra at one of many cooking and baking classes offered at Sandra’s Macarons Bakery.

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